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A phobia is an overwhelming intense fear or feeling of anxiety which occurs only in a particular situation . About 1 in 10 people have a significant phobia but few look for treatment for it ; many believing it is an illness or something wrong with them which can't be fixed.

This belief is due to the past ineffectiveness of traditional medical and psychiatric help which used to focus on people avoiding, understanding or being medicated so as to live with and accept their phobia. In recent decades these traditional views and limitations have been destroyed mainly due to the amazing work of Dr Richard Bandler and the effective use of NLP.

See Steve working with clients on the Bafta winning Paul O'Grady Show (ITV) and the NEW Paul O'Grady show (Channel 4)...Video clips to added to this site soon.

  • Witness how within 2 hours Nicky was able to calmly pat an Alsatian dog that hours before caused her to experience intense overwhelming feelings of panic.

  • See Tracy lose her phobia of butterflies in only 30 minutes and then witness her walking through the butterfly house at London Zoo holding plate sized creatures in the palm of her hand totally relaxed and calmly.

  • See Shirley overcome her fear of driving tests...Shirley had failed her test 28 times over 30 years....see her take her test calmly and confidently and pass after only 1 hours work with Steve.

Steve has also featured on numerous radio programmes and on GMTV assisting Paul McKenna when he did a Nationwide phobia cure. Please be assured when you book to see us you are coming to work with one of the UK's foremost phobia experts.

We utilise NLP with TFT and combine with Clinical Hypnosis to achieve a near 100% success rate in helping clients to rid themselves of phobias. Regrettably for legal reasons we can not guarantee a 100% success (nothing in life is guaranteed) but you can be sure that the service we offer is excellent. What to do next? Call to book your appointment...

  • We recommend clients book in for our Change Now Programme which is for an initial 90 minute appointment with a 90 minute follow up a week later your investment is only 450.
  • For specific phobias (i.e. only one clearly defined phobia - Dogs - flying - spiders - rats) the standard appointment is normally enough.
  • For non - specific phobias (i.e. phobias which are generalised such as claustrophobia, agoraphobia, social phobia, all animals, heights in general) follow up sessions may be needed.

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"..make the impossible possible, the possible easy,
and the easy elegant."

Moshe Feldenkrais

People develop phobias to all sorts of things. Some people remember when the Phobia first started and for others it is a mystery; it is not necessary to know the origins of the phobia in order to remove it.  Each phobia has its own name and the list is ever growing as creative counsellors identify and come up with new names for what is in effect a panic attack that has been associated to a particular or imagined situation.

It is possible to have a phobia of anything, but the most common ones we remove are:

  • dental treatment
  • public speaking
  • flying
  • blood
  • social phobias
  • spiders
  • agoraphobia (open spaces)

When a person with a phobia comes into contact with ( or knows that they soon will meet ) the thing they are frightened of, they develop some of the more immediate physical symptoms of anxiety this response can be immediate and overwhelming ( a flaming phobia).

For many people, this is enough to make them avoid whatever it is completely - a whole life can become structured around avoiding the situation or object. A person's life can becomes increasingly dominated by the precautions they have to take to avoid the situation they fear. You may know that there is no real danger, and you may feel embarrassed by your fear but you are still unable to control it. The normal recourse for doctors is to administer drugs.

If you or anyone you know has a phobia please call us we know that there is no need for you to suffer anymore....



us and we will contact you ASAP or


Call Now On.

0208 540 3366