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When you are choosing some one to help you to make changes there are a few things worth considering
  • Are they properly trained?
  • Do they have the right experiences to help you?
  • How do they maintain their skills?
  • Do the services offer value for money?
  • Will you get along with them?

To find out how we can help you

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We constantly work upon improving our skill sets and experience not only by working with clients but by attending training courses and by running our own trainings and by running workshops and practice groups.   To date we have helped to train over 5000 people to use the amazing techniques you will experience during your appointment.

About Us...

Sarah Tonin... Master practitioner of NLP, Dip (Hyp), Lic (GHR), Member (HS).

My interest in hypnosis first began as a student at Newcastle University when studying for my English degree I saw a hypnosis stage show. I couldn’t believe that the people participating weren’t stooges even though I knew some of them. When I had the opportunity to work with the hypnotist on a project about regression I jumped at the chance. I was amazed at my experiences and those of friends and have ever since been fascinated by the power of the unconscious mind.

As a teacher I am always aware of how responsible and influential adults are with regards to children and their beliefs about what they can and cant do, After all teachers and parents are the first hypnotists we meet in our lives. I am especially interested in the power of persuasion to bring out the best in people whether adults or children.

I have studied hypnosis and NLP with a wide variety of training colleges including Uncommon Knowledge, Stonebridge College, Institute of Canadian Hypnotherapists, McKenna Breen and Paul McKenna Training. Like Steve I have assisted Paul McKenna and Dr Richard Bandler for many years now on both their hypnosis trainings and NLP courses.

I use hypnosis and NLP on a daily basis in our consultancy business and am currently authoring a series of children’s books using metaphor and story telling to help children to over come fears and challenges.


About Us...

Steve Crabb... Licensed trainer and master practitioner of NLP, Dip (Hyp), Lic (GHR), Member (HS).

I first became interested in hypnosis and NLP in 1989. My obsessive journey to learn more about hypnosis and NLP was accelerated when following my studying Anthony Robbins Personal Power course I not only lost 4 stone in weight in 6 months but also totally transformed my personal and professional life. I was so amazed at the transformation achieved using hypnosis and NLP that I sold my business interests and concentrated for a number of years on learning my skills from those regarded as being the best in the world.

I am fascinated by the work of Dr Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP) and Milton H Erickson (hypnotist) and have extensively studied the work of both men. I have learnt my skills Internationally from a wide variety of training companies and individuals including Stonebridge College, National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, Institute of Canadian Hypnotherapists, Robbins Research, McKenna Breen, Paul McKenna Training, the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, Deepak Chopra, Robert Dilts, John LaValle (President of the Society of NLP), Ormond McGill, Stephen Gilligan, Frank Farrelly, Dr Roger Callaghan, Robert Holden and Michael Neill and Valerie Austin Training.

My appointment as Head Assistant for Paul McKenna Training means I not only regularly get the opportunity to meet and work with Paul McKenna (a really nice guy who is an immensely gifted and talented therapist) and Dr Richard Bandler (an amazing man with insight and a questioning mind and an attitude I respect and aspire to) but I have the privilege to work with, train and mentor some of the UK’s most gifted coaches and therapists who also assist Paul and are part of my team. I believe in lifelong learning so I am constantly listening to what others have discovered and doing so as to try it out for myself to see what I can do with it.

I love teaching the techniques we use to others if you are interested to learn more visit our section on trainings and workshops

Both Sarah and Steve are registered with

  • The Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • The Hypnotherapy Society
  • The General Hypnotherapy Register


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