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This Programme is ideal for:

Public Speaking

New Job Promotions

Job Interviews

Pre - Exam Nerves

Team Leadership Skills

Adolescent Change

Relationship Problems

Sports Performance

Sexual Performance Issues

Childhood confidence




  • Ever felt awkward and totally without anything to say?
  • Ever worried about a situation only to find that your worries were all for nothing?
  • Ever walked into a party and wanted to walk straight back out of there?
  • Ever wanted desperately to talk to someone but ended up avoiding the situation rather then be rejected?
  • Ever felt others appeared more knowledgeable, relaxed and confident then you?

Here's some news: nearly everyone has. Confidence often seems like some secret ability that a few lucky people are born with, but really it's all about self-belief and valuing yourself as an individual. Confidence is a skill you can learn, nobody is born lacking confidence nor lacking in self-esteem if you lack in confidence or feel you have low or no self-esteem it is something that you have learnt either through your actions or through things that others have said or done.

Using Clinical hypnotherapy and NLP we work with our clients in a powerful and lasting way which completely changes their opinion of themselves. More specifically, it means our clients ...

  • Have a positive attitude
  • Evaluate yourself highly
  • Convinced of your own abilities
  • See yourself as competent ... in control of your own life and able to do what you want.

Lack of confidence and lack of self esteem are learned with all learned behaviour it is easy for you to unlearn it given the right instructions and to learn quickly, easily and permanently new beliefs about yourself and new behaviour. As a result our clients leave our sessions with a new sense of confidence and well being.

We recommend clients book with us for our Change Now Programme and between sessions we regularly have clients call us to tell us how amazed they feel.



us and we will contact you ASAP or


Call Now On.

0208 540 3366