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nlp Mastery uk ...

Welcome to the London NLP practice group that is run by 2 - Society approved MASTER Trainers of NLP. This site will be made fully live and interactive on Friday 1st August 2008. Register your interest now.


This unique practice group is open to all whether you are trained in NLP and want to improve your skills or have little or no knowledge and just want to experience the magic of NLP." Tina Taylor

"Our goal is to enable as many people as possible to practice their NLP skills; we will regularly invite guest speakers who will share their experience and knowledge with you that will add to your knowledge and expertise and help you to take your skills to new levels of Mastery". Steve Crabb

How do you get to Carnegie Hall.....PRACTICE!

About the practice group...

bulletThe practice group will begin on Thursday 4th September, to attend you will need to register for our regular monthly newsletter. The first newsletter will be send out on 1st August 2008.
bulletFrom 1st August you will be able to book your place online through goggle checkout..
bulletBookings are on a first come first served basis and spaces are limited.
bulletOnly 10 for the standard evening practice group session.

Details of practice dates and other COOL stuff coming soon for practice group members.

bulletSite launch date August 1st 2008.
bulletFirst newsletter date August 1st 2008
bulletFirst practice date Thursday 4th September 2008.
bulletmore dates...
bulletSpecialist certification Master Classes for practice group members.
bulletSpecial International Guest Training events.
bulletMake friends, have fun, practice and learn lots.
bulletInterview with John LaValle President of the Society of NLP.

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